Example of an audience map showcasing all potential users and roles on a high level.
Example of primary preliminary personas to act as user archetypes.
A detail of the personas mapping to key business processes.

Optimizing an out-of-the-box

Salesforce experience

with human research.

Working together with a large apartment leasing organization we were able to outline a call center Salesforce implementation.

The goal was to design future-state UX vision and validate it with the audience to outline a blueprint for both residents and back-office audiences.

Mapping the landscape

from lead to lease.

We were able to uncover, validate, and then speak directly to the core users in order to understand and map their behavior and needs.

Then visually depict key user flows and experiences targeted for the application in order to to better elicit business and technical requirements to more accurately achieve the target product.

Showcasing screenshots of salesforce overplayed with highlighted our insights.
A map of the core process workflow for our primary persona highlight current and future functionality.
Used to highlight the experience from