A single example of a user flow showing a specific use case.
Preview of a high level service blueprint exploring the process.
An example deliver of user archetypes used as preliminary personas.

A best-in-class collaboration

tool for legal transactions.

A company acquired two different products that both specialize in creating software to help firms run, manage, and collaborate on legal transactions. Instead of competing with one another other, how might we combine the acquired products into a single intuitive interface?

First, by evaluating the legacy products via interviews and research in order to able to synthesize insights into actional deliverables to guide the new product vision.

Project management designed

for law professionals.

During the research phase, users told us liked the simplicity of one tool and the detail richness of the other. Marrying together these two points of feedback in order to create an approachable UI with functionality to drill down into the detail if needed.

Due to the complexity of the legal transaction process, there is a lot of stress and long hours during a deal. Adding tools for automation, providing visibility, and additional flexibility into the signature process became necessary in order to add value to the overall experience and reduce the anxiety of something going wrong.