Effective software starts with understanding the human need.


In-Person Observations


Interview Sessions


Different Countries

From strategic insight

to a Human Experience.

Creating a single tool for an international tax, audit, and consulting firm required an expansive amount of user research that spans the globe.

Connecting the user’s desires with product features and/or interface elements that could meet their described needs?

Often these needs and motivations are expressed as questions or wishes – how do I do something, or I wish I could do this thing better or faster.

Example of a performance gap analysis category for specific use cases.
Example of an insights report broken down into different questions and categories.
Example of a performance matrix depending on the skill of the end user.

Empowering high performers

while enabling new team members.

Beyond simple task management, one of the common problems uncovered was finding and sharing information with other team members. Providing a Wiki style databsase with tips, tricks, and lessons learned posted by other team members as well as presenting a network of people who have the background information needed.