Designing a holistic ecosystem

and go-to-market strategy.

A startup company specializing in advanced genome mapping needed a complete go-to-market e-commerce solution for their customers.  Using rich imagery in order to humanize the overall experience order to make it less technical and more impactful.

Enabling eCommerce for

home genetic testing kits.

Leveraging rapid prototyping as a way to expedite the decision-making process in order to validate product vision, identify critical gaps, and verify feasibility. Although the product was ready and the science was solid, there was not an intuitive and engaging customer experience.

Finishing the journey

of genetic testing.

Completing the experience after purchase.  The design needed to integrate with existing platform requirements, backend systems, while also providing a strategy for future development.

A responsive genetic

testing experience.

Every screen was designed to be mobile-friendly.  Because one of the primary goals was to be able to purchase multiple kits for family members, having a fully responsive design became an early requirement.