A social media company

asked how employee onboarding

could be more engaging.

Taking a look at the onboarding experience through the eyes of the new hire, I was able to create a tool for Hiring Managers to build customizable plans for new employees and giving them a view into what a new hire will see on their first day.

Using discovery methodologies I was able to build a value-based backlog prioritized by user research and given a technical implementation weighting.  Working with the development team to build a working proof of concept in weeks instead of months.

Example of priorities user scenarios which help us to create a scope for development and schedule focus areas.
Example of an Epic User Story that is used as the point of focus for the entire project.
Example of our three user archetypes or personas that are used to ground our designs throughout the process.

Introducing the onboarding

command center.

How do you make an international experience that both reflects local culture and make people feel connected to the company as a whole?  Creating a spotlight on local culture, events, fun facts, tips, and tricks providing hiring managers with information about important events across the company and how they relate to people locally.