2,000+ Line Icons


An elegantly simple icon set for a more civilized age; 2,000+ icons perfect for any UI & UX project from Visual Designs to Wireframes to your next Design System.

Vector icons for your website, mobile app, or desktop application.

Beautiful Vector Icons

Precision-crafted for a clean, consistent look utilizing a 1pt stroke on a custom 24 x 24pt grid.

Pristine Quality

Each glyph has been crafted keeping in mind usability and accessibility best practices.

Easy to Use

Massive asset library organized into 11 different categories and 75 subcategories.

Responsive Ready

Icons designed to work in multiple environments including laptops, touch screens, and large displays.

Customizable Icons

Change the appearance updating line width, color, and size to match the look-and-feel of your project.

Library Support

Create a shared icon library for multiple projects with various sized teams to collaborate and expand.

Unlimited Uses

Iconography for interfaces, wire-frames, presentations, print, and other graphic design needs.

Human Touch

Personally tested by an Experience Designer across various interfaces, experiences, and products.

Included icon source files:
Sketch App Icon
Figma App Icon
Invision Studio App Icon
Invision Studio
Adobe XD App Icon
Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator App Icon
Adobe Illustrator
Iconjar App Icon
Exported icons ready for development:
File Icon

Standard Vector Graphics

File Icon

Portable Network Graphics

File Icon

Portable Document Format

File Icon

Encapsulated PostScript Icon Library Preview


Essential Icons

Basic Symbols

“Hamburger “Hamburger “Menu “Menu “Add “Remove “Check “Close “Home “Home “Standby “Command “Hamburger Hamburger Menu Vertical Circle Icon Menu Circle Icon Menu Vertical Circle Icon Add Circle Icon Remove Circle Icon Check Circle Icon Close Circle Icon Home Circle Icon Home Circle Icon Standby Circle Icon Hamburger Menu Square Icon Hamburger Menu Vertical Square Icon Menu Square Icon Menu Vertical Square Icon Add Square Icon Remove Square Icon Mini Hamburger Menu Vertical Icon Hamburger Menu Small Icon Small Menu Icon Small Menu Icon Small Add Icon Small Remove Icon Small Check Icon Small Close Icon Small Home Icon Small Home Icon

Security Icons

Keychain Icon Key Icon Key Icon Key Icon Key Icon Key Icon Key Icon Key Icon Key Icon Keyhole Icon Keyhole Circle Icon Lock Icon Unlock Icon Lock Open Icon Padlock Icon Padlock Open Icon Padlock Opened Icon Lock Mini Icon Small Unlock Icon Small Lock Open Icon Shield Icon Shield Icon Shield Vitals Icon Shield Check Icon Shield Alert Icon Shield Question Icon Shield Block Icon Shield Locked Icon Face ID Icon Face ID Icon Fingerprint Icon Safe Icon


Cog Icon Gear Icon Config Icon Preferences Icon Preferences Icon Switches Icon Header Icon Sidebar Icon Footer Icon Right Sidebar Icon Options Icon Options Icon Options Circle Icon Options Circle Icon Small Options Icon Small Options Icon Edit Icon Edit Circle Icon Edit Box Icon Small Edit Icon

Alert Icons

Exclamation Point Question Mark Info Icon Exclamation Icon Question Icon Info Circle Icon Cancel Icon Exclamation Alert Icon Question Alert Icon Question Diamond Icon Exclamation Diamond Icon Close Diamond Icon Stop Icon Exclamation Stop Icon Stop Close Icon Starburst Icon Starburst Alert Icon Yield Icon


CheckboxIcon Checkbox Icon Checkbox Icon Selected Icon Radio Button Icon Radio Button Off Icon Radio Toggle Icon


Star Icon Heart Icon Bookmark Icon Label Icon Label Icon Flag Icon Flag Icon Flag Icon Star Circle Icon Heart Circle Icon Bookmark Circle Icon Label Circle Icon Flag Circle Icon Small Star Icon Small Heart Icon Small Bookmark Icon Small Label Icon Small Flag Icon

Chat Icons

Chat Icon Chat Icon Chat Icon Thought Bubble Icon Chat Conversation Icon Thread Icon Thread Icon Chat Text Icon Chat Pending Icon Alert Icon Question Icon Info Icon Add Chat Icon Chat Check Icon Chat Blocked Icon Edit Chat Icon Video Chat Icon Chat Call Icon Chat Person Icon Chat Reply Icon Forward Chat Icon Chat Activity Icon Lightning Chat Icon Search Chat Icon Secure Chat Icon Chat Locked Icon Chat Attachment Icon Chat Link Icon Chat Settings Icon

Message Icons

Message Icon Message Icon Message Icon Message Icon Message Icon Conversation Icon Conversation Icon Text Message Icon Pending Message Icon Message Alert Icon Message Question Icon Message Info Icon Add Message Icon Message Check Icon Blocked Message Icon Edit Message Icon Video Message Icon Call Message Icon Personal Message Icon Message Reply Icon Forward Message Icon Message Activity Icon Messenger Icon Search Message Icon Secure Message Icon Locked Message Icon Message Attachment Icon Message Link Icon Message Settings Icon

Social Icons

Account Icons

Avatar IconFriends IconGroup IconAvatar Square IconAvatar Circle IconSmall Avatar Icon


Person IconPerson IconWalking IconHiking IconRunning IconWheelchair IconFishing IconPlayground IconPerson Flag IconWorkers IconPerson Circle IconDanger IconDanger Icon

Gender Symbols

Agender SymbolTransgender SymbolTransgender IconThird Gender SymbolPangender SymbolOther Gender SymbolGender Nonconforming SymbolNonbinary SymbolNonbinary Woman SymbolNonbinary Man SymbolNonbinary SymbolNeutrois SymbolMale SymbolIntersex SymbolGender Fluid SymbolGender Fluid SymbolFemale SymbolDemigirl SymbolDemiboy SymbolBigender IconAndrogyne SymbolAliagender Symbol

Happy Faces

Beaming EmojiBlowing Kiss EmojiGrinning EmojiGrinning Squinting EmojiGrinning EmojiOver Mouth IconHeart Eyes EmojiHugging EmojiInnocent EmojiJoy Tears IconKissing Face EmojiKissing Face EmojiKissing Face EmojiLaughing EmojiLoved EmojiMoney Mouth EmojiNervous Grinning EmojiLaughtor EmojiSavoring EmojiBlushing EmojiSmiling Eyes EmojiSmiling Face EmojiSmiling Tear EmojiSmiling EmojiStar Struck EmojiThinking EmojiTongue EmojiTongue EmojiTongue EmojiUpside Down Face EmojiWinking EmojiZany Emoji

Upset Faces

Angry EmojiYawning EmojiWorried EmojiWeary EmojiTired EmojiSwearing EmojiStreaming EmojiSlightly Frowning EmojiScreamingSad Relieved EmojiPouting EmojiPleading EmojiPersevering EmojiOpen Mouth EmojiLoudly Crying EmojiHushed EmojiFrowning EmojiFrowning Open Mouth EmojiFlushed EmojiFearful EmojiDowncast EmojiDisappointed EmojiCrying EmojiConfused EmojiConfounded EmojiAstonished EmojiAnxious EmojiAnguished Emoji

Unwell Faces

Bandages EmojiCold EmojiDrooling EmojiExhaling EmojiExpressionlessClouds EmojiFace Mask EmojiFever EmojiGrimacing EmojiHot EmojiKnocked Out EmojiLying EmojiMind Blown EmojiNauseated EmojiNeutral EmojiNo-Mouth EmojiPensive EmojiRaised Eyebrow EmojiRelieved EmojiRolling Eyes EmojiSleeping EmojiSleepy EmojiSneezing Emoji