Towel Day 2013 “Perfectly Normal Paranoia” Twitter Exclusive

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Preview image of the Towel Day 2013 "Perfectly Normal Paranoia" Twitter Exclusive graphic on a tablet, a smart phone, and a large display.

“Perfectly Normal Paranoia” graphic for your computer, phone, tablet, tricorder, etc.

Made to celebrate “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams, and Towel Day 2013.

Photo by Michael Saavedra

Sorry everyone, however the twitter giveaway is now over. The method I previously used to send out the graphics just doesn’t work anymore. It may return again one day, however for the time being I am sorry.

Step 01:

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Step 02:

Press this button to tweet a Towel Day message to your followers!

Then You’re Done!

Just follow these two simple steps and I will send you a Direct Message within 48 hours with links to the Towel Day 2011, Twitter Exclusive Wallpaper.

If your tweets are private, then I won’t be able to see them. Sorry.

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