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I have had various conversations recently discussing the uniqueness of my generation; how we are the paradigm shift in modern technology. We are the children of the information age, yet maybe the last generation to know what it feels like to be disconnected.

My high school experience is a good example of how the pendulum has swung. My freshmen year of high school very few families owned a computer. People who considered themselves “gamers” were considered to be socially crippled. The only ones who owned a cell phone were those who needed them for business purposes. Yet by my senior year finding a student with a cell phone was an easy task, and most families had at least one computer.

My little sister is graduating high school later this year, and the idea of the family computer was all but dead because in many cases every family member in a household owns their own computer. It is common to find multiple video game consoles in a single household, and just about every person that you run into has a cell phone attached to them. It is also common to find people that do not have a land line.

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