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By Sunday, August 26th, 2012Articles, Editorial

This is a follow up to my last article, going along with both dashboards and sidebars, I feel that widgets have become extremely antiquated. Originally widgets were a very novel concept, however over time they have been downgraded to the level of a buzzword to be mentioned as a bullet point on a Power Point presentation.

I feel like we have missed the point of a widget is supposed to be; a small but complete all-in-one product in itself. A good widget should be both self-contained and complete. The original meaning of the word is supposed to refer to an abstract unit of production. Ultimately the functionality of a widget is castrated until it becomes a static read-only representation of a real product; a fancy bookmark.

I believe that a widget should hold a function. Unlike some of my other editorials this isn’t a call to stop making widgets. We need to stop making crappy widgets.

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