Processing Simplicity

By Sunday, August 5th, 2012Articles, Editorial

I have been in my career on and off again for nearly a decade now. I started by making games for cable TV set top boxes, creating countless versions and variations of checkers, chess, trivia, backgammon, and mini-golf, sudoku, etc. most of which never saw the light of day. When I first started, I didn’t quite realize that what I doing was anything more than just Visual Design.

I had given up a while ago on trying to describe what I do to people that I know, ultimately their eyes glaze over as they stair off into the distance. At this point I usually simplify my answer to “I make things pretty” because this is something that people can understand without boring them to death. Every time this happens I feel like I demeaned not only myself, but my career, and my industry.

What I have started telling people, is that as a Designer it is my job to make things that are complicated to build, easy to use.

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