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What you are seeing is currently a work in progress; it is part of a larger strategy I am currently in the middle of developing. My end goal being that this blog will become my new website. The template is going to be the very last thing I edit, so ignore the design for now. Currently my goal is to get the basic functionality working, and posting all of my existing content. After all that I am going to forward my domain to this site, so if you are already here then welcome.

This idea was originally presented to me by my sister, whose blogs have been published on a number of occasions. I was originally quite opposed to this concept because I had spent allot of time building my old site and there were a few things I was really proud of that I didn’t want to loose.

A few things happened that made me change my mind, first and foremost being that I got an iPhone. Now my reasoning for buying was that I could house my portfolio on it. So, for example, when a freelance client would ask to see examples of my work I could hand him my phone and he could take a look at it right there in front of him at that moment. Although I was able to directly upload my portfolio to my phone to accomplish this, if I were to send my website URL to a client they wouldn’t be able to view it because the iPhone doesn’t support flash. Although my site wasn’t built in Flash it did have quite a bit of flash content, mainly my portfolio.

The other problem that I was running into was that I was never updating my site; it was far too much of a hassle for me to even bother. I was using separate software for each section of my website and each one required a different login. If I wanted to upload new images to my portfolio I had to upload the image, create and upload a thumbnail version of the image, and update an XML file. I also couldn’t get videos to work in the portfolio application I was using so I had to update those manually.

The other thing that happened that convinced me to switch was that YouTube started allowing for HD videos, and you can view YouTube videos on the iPhone. This would make it really easy for me to embed a YouTube video in a blog entry and update my portfolio that way. Then I can add a link to my site on each YouTube video I post.

Eventually I started realizing that I was limiting the ability for people to find me. By tying myself into preexisting networks such as Blogger, YouTube, and Picasa I end up giving myself more potential exposure. I also wouldn’t have to pay for web space anymore.

Please check back soon; I should be updating in fairly frequent intervals over the next month or so. For now, please check out my portfolio and feel free to leave feedback.

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