I had a discussion with co-worker the other week about how we had gotten the direction to make our designs more “modern” and in the same breath we were told to appease to the “MTV generation” of people in their “mid-twenties.”

Now I was not there in person when we had gotten this direction, however I got quite a chuckle from this when my co-worker told me about it. The so called “MTV generation” is in fact also called “Generation X,” and it has been a long time since they have been in their mid twenties. We have long since moved into “Gen-Y” and arguably even “Gen-Z,” however I feel that this terminology in and of itself is outdated. Now, me being artist who actually is in his mid twenties I can honestly say my generation would probably be much more willing to describe ourselves as the “Rock Band Generation.”

Appealing to my generation is a more difficult task than most people think; the old ploys don’t really work anymore. The consumer is now educated; we have grown up with technology, with information at our fingertips, and we can easily research to discover if we are being bullshitted.

What I have found is that the trick that works the best is to catch someone’s attention as quickly as possible; show them the product in a way they weren’t expecting. Then give them only the simplest amount of information followed by a URL pointing them to find out more info – empowering the consumer to take matters into their own hands.

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