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I got a new job several months ago because of an ethics conflict I had with the senior management. Although I like my new job, moving from a lean start up vibe back to the beige cubicle walls and flickering florescent lights of a corporate office was a very difficult transition to make.

Going back to my first job as a Designer I had a very similar environment, however at one point I was asked to help with re-designing the office environment for a much more creative department. I immediately dove nose first into research; taking a look beyond standard studies analyzing their base research, afterwards all of it was immediately thrown out for standard cubicles.

This is where my professional slogan was born: “They put me into a cubicle and told me to think outside of the box.”

I did however learn from that experience; things that challenged my interpretation of creativity. I also felt that some of principles are not exclusive to creative individuals; fostering an environment that supports cognitive function and productivity tended to increase creative thinking. The things in life that I found that are most important to an environment are light texture color and space.

Since then there have I have seen several studies which I feel support what I came up with in several different sectors including education and health.

Which brings me back to the reality I live in today; what do I do to improve my current working environment? To achieve this I wanted three things; a standing workstation, improved quality of light, and a more vibrant color scheme.

In the coming weeks it is my plan to follow with you on how I accomplished all three of these things within a strictly controlled corporate environment.

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