Towel Day 2014

By Thursday, May 22nd, 2014Articles, Updates

I am sure many of you are will be disappointed, however this year I have nothing new for Towel Day. I want to say thank you to everyone and know I am grateful for the attention that doing these have given me for the past several years, and I always love hearing from all of you and seeing these things in action. My life has changed dramatically since I started doing this, and the past few years I have been getting progressively less exposure and the effort I put into making these graphics has been getting progressively greater. This year there are just too many other things going on for me to do what I would really want to do. Essentially, I need to reevaluate these kind of projects and decide how I am going to move forward with them from now on. Who knows, I may even decide to do more of these throughout the year, but I need to figure out how to balance them with the other projects.