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By Tuesday, February 9th, 2010Articles, Editorial, News

I am kind of’ torn on my feelings about Google Buzz. Now as a product guy who works on web development I find myself excited about the features they are implementing; I may even consider using it as inspiration for future projects (stealing). However as a consumer I don’t want my email cluttered with the noise of social networking.

The only accurate metaphor I can think of is: I want my peas and mashed potatoes separated. In this scenario social networking is the peas, and email is mashed potatoes. I don’t want my mashed potatoes ruined by putting peas in them. I eat my peas because they are good for me, however I don’t like them. I never really like myface or spacebook, however in order to keep in contact with some people it became a requirement. I like mashed potatoes, and in this metaphor I thought Google Wave was going to be the gravy.

This is probably one of those features I am going to end up using in the long run, however as the internet becomes more and more public I find my private safe zones getting smaller and smaller.

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