The Challenge

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I would like to be the cynical artist and and blame others for my own frustrations; say that it is caused by fickle people making unnecessary changes, with ridiculous time constraints, and vague requirements. However, that’s just the nature of the beast and it is something every artist has to endure. Shifting the blame would be insulting because usually those pushing me had the same requirements thrust upon them in a similar fashion.

Even though all of these excuses, these justifications, are valid they end up being just that: excuses – excuses for not growing, excuses for being lazy, excuses for not doing what I most enjoy about my job. When things start getting more complicated I become afraid and try to revert into a “safe zone” of design.

I have to make my designs malleable to allow for changes in way that doesn’t make each design seem like a template of the previous one. That is where the balance begins, because the more creative you make your work, the less it lends itself to changes further down the path. I love creating original inspiring designs with lots of detail and motion, so the challenge for me is the balance.

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