A Standing Workstation

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Knowing, and perhaps because of, the many proven health and ergonomic benefits of a standing workstation, I wanted to give one a try. My primary roadblock is that I cannot modify my current space at all; the cubicle and desk existing in my area must remain intact. However, a simple bar table can be centered above the cubicle desk.

It took me a while to find a table that I liked, and unfortunately once I finally did find one it turns out it had been discontinued. Luckily the only thing that I really needed was the table post and was able to order the part over the phone. I was going to need a larger table anyway, so it was therefore it actually works out better that I could order the parts separately.

After finding a lovely 36 inch round pine table top, I stained, varnished, and attached it with fantastic results. I have a strong hatred for particle board for many different reasons, however natural wood offers a natural richness of both color and texture.

I purposefully used pine because of the nature of that wood it is extremely rough and knotty, and once I stained and varnished the surface I did a minimum amount of sanding in order to keep that nature of the wood intact.

I wanted there to be an almost rustic look to the desk, but more importantly however is having that texture. As humans we want things to be perfect smooth clean, however I believe that having a completely clean and sterile environment doesn’t offer you anything. Having that spot on your desk that you scratch at, or that place that is worn down where you rub your finger, adds a subtle character that you will never be able to replicate.

After a week on a standing workstation I can honestly say I like it. I have more energy, I feel more focused, I am not as tired. However we shall see what tune I sing after a few weeks of this.

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