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By Tuesday, April 24th, 2012Articles, Editorial, News

Several days ago Adobe introduced their Creative Suite 6 line of software, as well as their brand new product platform Creative Cloud. I have been using the public beta of Adobe Photoshop CS6 since they released it, and I must admit it is going to be hard to go back. I think this was probably their plan to begin with, as this is probably the single largest single update to their software that I have ever seen.

Instead of just taking on new features, like it felt like they had with previous versions, most of the changes that I have seen appear to focus more on integrating or improving existing features into the experience as a whole.

I even get the cheaper discounted Creative Cloud subscription price because I purchased CS4 several years ago. When Adobe originally announced subscription based software I didn’t think I would be a fan of “renting” my software, however they appear to have done a polished run at turning it into a legitimate service.

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