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For better or for worse I updated my website last month. It started out as a sort of experiment in CSS3. I was just playing around to see what I could do, simplify things, make them more complex, add social features, etc.

I actually didn’t necessarily start out intending to update my whole website; the design itself actually started out the exact same as the old one did. There were a few things that I wanted to fix ever since I finished my last design and I was going to tack on a few minor quick fixes, however as I began adding new effects and rethinking the way I presented different elements it slowly evolved into what you see.

The problem I ran into was that because I was using a hacked up version of an existing blogger template, I couldn’t accomplish anything in any simple way, so it was easier for me to start over from scratch.

Well, I was playing around with this stuff in a separate sandbox and got it to a place where it was unfinished and untested, but actually looking and working pretty good. It did (and still does to an extent) require some more work, but it was a working website.

So, what happened?

While working on it – in an insomnia filled stupor – I decided to push it live on a bit of a whim.  I spent the next week or so frantically trying to fix it and/or add things. My reason for making such a foolhardy decision was that it was the day before Towel Day.  I have hosted graphics for Towel Day every year and I get about four times as much traffic on that single day than I do the rest of the year combined.

Essentially, I figured it was better to rip the band-aid off than tear it away slowly.

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