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Some pretty big things have happened in the past year for me, many of which should have their own posts. Last summer I moved to a new house with some of my roommates, which is only a little bit funny that I am posting this now because I may end up moving again this summer. This postnatal future move is much significant because of the much larger, and I feel much more exciting, news that I recently got a new job, as well as a new title and job description.

It was a bit surreal leaving my last job. I had been there for nine years, almost a third of my life. However in the time before I left it became increasingly clear that there was no moving forward from where I was professionally, creatively or personally.

My new title is User Experience Designer, which I feels is a much better description of what I specialize in. I still play the part of a Visual Designer, but it’s nice to have the larger role as well.

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