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By Tuesday, April 28th, 2009Articles, Updates

After a few weeks of procrastinating I have pretty much finished the design for my site. At first I was going to commission my amazing sister to build the for me, however boredom and insomnia mixed together to created a cold front of productivity.

To celebrate my lovely new design I have updated my portfolio with several of my old designs, one of which I had to completely recreate from scratch, which I did because I am completely insane. Well, in reality I rebuilt it because really I liked that animation it but it was really old and near impossible to render in Hi-Def.

I have been building my all of animations and designs in high-def for a few years and now and downscaling them when necessary. I think ever artist is a little obsessive compulsive; for me, there is allot of my old work from before I started working in HD that I would really like to showcase in portfolio. I have begun the cumbersome task of converting all of my old work into HD so that everything is the same format.

Generally what I discovered is that I am awesome; most of my work was built in a way that was surprisingly easy to convert to HD without loosing quality.

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